The MISSION VOLANT demo team has been quiet about a special event that we had the honor to be a part of, until now. Martha Stewart Weddings has released the good news, now it’s our turn!

A few months back Washington Redskins tight end player, Vernon Davis, proposed to his now fiancé, Kayla. Our team was honored to set the tone for the special day by jumping in, landing on time and on target for a surprise proposal.

We’re America’s Veteran skydive team. What can MISSION VOLANT do for you?


This year’s Operation Jump 22 event was noteworthy! With the mission of introducing Veterans, their families and supporters to the sport of skydiving, we were busy taking individuals on their very first jumps. Thanks to Skydive California we were also able to conduct Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) for Veterans the same day.

With people coming from all over the US to converge on NorCal, the event brought community, new relationships and a adrenaline-filled day. TASKDEV came all the way from the Pacific North West and Florida to help with the event. Without question, they made the event successful! We also had participants from San Diego, Tucson, Miami and Sacramento.

Thank you to the staff of Skydive Cal, Aerodyne, 03 Metalworks, Team Wendy, The Regina family, TASKDEV, Massif, Jasper Keys Apparel, Blue Alpha Gear, Altama Boots and others for helping this meaningful event happen!


We're in the middle of America... Literally. Though we are accustomed to the coast lines, we are grateful for the spirit and patriotism of the people of Tuttle, Oklahoma. 

The Mission Volant team was honored to jump into the Tuttle 75th Anniversary Rodeo by invitation of Mark "Salty" Bradley. There we met Veterans from years past and even more whom were soon to start their service to our country. 

Thanks to Scissortail Skydiving, our demo jump team was overhead on time and landed on target.  Too windy for the American flag , we opted for the Mission Volant banner instead. 

It was a great pleasure to meet the Veteran community of Tuttle, Oklahoma. We are looking forward to next year's event! 

If you or your company are looking for a skydive demonstration jump or corporate team building event, please message us HERE! 

Photo Credit: Firebrand 405


The MISSION VOLANT team was honored to be asked to perform a demonstration skydive into the Archon Firearms / Salient Arms International SHOT Show after party. On 23 JAN 2018 the Mission Volant skydive demonstration team exited FlyNYON's A-Star helicopter 5,000 ft. (AGL) over the Las Vegas, Nevada skyline carrying large banner flags and strobe lights that were visible from the ground. 

Within one minute of exiting, Mission Volant's first jumper, Michael, was landing on target with the  Buy a Home-Save a Vet parachute. Next came MV's President and Demo Team Leader, Austin, flying the Archon firearms banner flag. Following closely was MV's Director, Robbie, piloting the Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades parachute with the Salient Arms International banner flag in tow. 

Mission Volant performs demonstration jumps nation-wide to raise awareness of our mission of inspiring, training and equipping combat wounded Veterans with an adventurous skill-set to use for life. Our programs instill significance and bring community to those who have suffered traumatic injury in service to something greater than themselves. Demonstration jumps provide critical funding for the Mission Volant team to continue giving back to those before us.  

If you or you company would like to have a skydive demonstration jump at your event, please contact us HERE



On this past Veteran's Day the culminating efforts of several organizers came together to launch the first annual Operation Jump 22. THE MISSION: Prevent Veteran suicide by introducing adventurous sport into the lives of those who need it most. On the morning of 11 NOV 2017 America's Veterans gathered from across the U.S. to experience skydiving for the first time. Throughout the day we completed over 90 jumps, caught up with old friends and made new ones, too! The Mission Volant team was honored to be the non-profit of choice to help put on this event! 


Thank you to the following sponsors who stepped up to enable this great event:




We met Jonathon Blank at the start of our organization. Jonathon was a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps with 6+ years of service. More than that, he was a sniper with the well-known reconnaissance community. The alpha of alphas. 

Despite Jonathon's physical wounds, he has twice the heart of anyone we have met. His vigor for life is endless and desire for more is unending. We are honored to know him and call him our friend. 

Our relationship with Jonathon will not be short lived, we plan to complete his skydiving training soon and have him a part of our team and lives until we are chasing ladies around together in the old folks home. 

As we continue to work with Jonathon you will see more photos and videos uploaded here to his blog entry. Stay tuned for some incredible happenings. 


Team Wendy fulfills a crucial role to Mission Volant. With the innovative helmets they provide, MV can conduct our Veteran Adventure Therapy™ programs with a larger margin of safety. We are honored to have their support of what we do to serve others. Team Wendy "Innovates to Protect". 


In June 2017 the Mission Volant team hosted an introduction to paragliding at Torrey Pines Glider Port in San Diego, California. Even with less-than-ideal winds, we were still able to successfully introduce six (6) Veterans to the sport of paragliding. The event was capped with a raffle, including a surf board, Half Face Blades knives, and tandem skydives. Thank you to the supporters, sponsors, and teams that helped make this event come about!