Mission Volant provides inspiration, training, and equipment for combat-wounded Veterans and underserved communities to learn an adventurous skill-set to use for life. For many individuals this solves the matter of relevancy, driving them to explore more and create diverse, enriched lives. 

Over the last year, Mission Volant has supported and enabled dozens of individuals to push personal and physical boundaries and explore avenues of life that they initially thought to be impossible. 

With a recent self audit, we began to understand we can positively change lives by creating a central “base” from which to operate; An “academy”. This academy will house all of our services and equipment under one roof, allowing us to serve others in an expeditionary fashion. 

In order for us to successfully launch a brick and mortar academy, we must first operate from a mobile version, demonstrating our capabilities and reach. 


For the second half of CY2017 and into CY2018, Mission Volant is focusing on establishing the world’s first Adventure Therapy Academy™. This academy will allow individuals to come and receive professional level training and certification in the most adventurous sports known to man, including skydiving, paragliding, and flight training, all at no cost to the individual. 


Mission Volant’s Adventure Therapy Academy™ will provide “mobile” training and enablement solutions to combat-wounded Veterans and underserved communities. By creating a solution that is mobile, Mission Volant will save valuable funding, subsequently allowing our team to serve more people in better ways.   

Mission Volant will acquire a Mercedes Sprinter Van and modify it for our expeditionary needs. This vehicle will house all of our equipment, allowing us to travel to various locations to deliver diverse services.  

Project Outline

Once we have the funding to do so, Mission Volant will complete and launch our “mobile” Adventure Therapy Academy™. We will do this in 4 phases: 

  1. Purchase a new Mercedes Sprinter Van 
  2. Send Sprinter Van to modification for expeditionary travel needs
  3. Outfit Sprinter Van with custom needs, including storage ability for equipment
  4. Launch “mobile” Adventure Therapy Academy™